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Aulten International is India’s ‘Most Preferred’ and ‘Most Awarded’ brands, to have launched an entire range of energy-efficient automatic voltage stabilizers.



As an industry leader, we have always worked towards developing advance technology and innovative methods.


Our expert teams are selected specifically for each client, and each team consists of highly trained and trust worthy personnel.

About Aulten International 

Aulten International company is the manufacture of India’s best products and service, it provides all the various varieties of stabilizers. The Aulten designed stabilizers are available for all the appliances in your home to give better facilities with good output results.

Rules of Engagement

Fair pricing: We don’t charge unfair or deceptive prices for our products.

Claims: Any medical, scientific or other claims must be true and supported by documented evidence. Products claiming to prevent, treat or cure COVID‑19 will be removed from website.

Compliance with laws: We comply with all applicable laws and other regulatory requirements relating to the sale of COVID‑19 related products, both in our jurisdiction and in the jurisdiction of our customers.

Appropriate licensing or permissions: We have all applicable licenses or permissions for the products we sell. This includes all applicable licenses, approvals, or authorizations for the sale of medical or health-related products.

Selling regulated products: Prior notice and/or approval by the company is required for the sale of regulated products on our platform. In some cases (for example, selling government-approved test kits), we may require that you provide information or documentation in order to verify that you have complied with these Rules of Engagement and sign an additional agreement.

Please contact us at 10@aulten.com.

Only the Best


Company Vision

Provide innovative products and services with state of the art technology to enrich and uplift our Customer’s quality of life.



  • Ensure sustainability in our global operations
  • Establish a learning environment and constantly upgrade to state of the art technology to deliver the best value to our customers.
  • Operate as an economically, socially and environmentally responsible organization.

Core Values


Be a market leader for all our products.

Strive for Excellence

Continuously improve business processes, products and services with a focus on how to operate more effectively, efficiently in a user friendly manner.


Honouring our word while demonstrating moral and ethical values in conducting business at all stages.

Aulten International

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I have order 2 voltage stabilizer one is Ac stabilizer and 2nd is mainline stabilizer for my office both a running very good classic look. No issue #Aulten stabilizer.”

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