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3 KVA 2400W 90V - 300V Voltage Stabilizer For Mainline

Aulten brings to you an exclusive range of energy-efficient and automatic voltage stabilizers that are an ideal fit for all your appliances and their voltage needs.pliances and their voltage needs.

3 KVA 2400W 90V - 300V Voltage Stabilizer For Mainline

Aulten home stablizer 3kw provides you an exclusive range of energy efficient power solution products specifically for all your mainline voltage stabilizer for home making them durable (not intended for commercial applications). aulten stabilizers for home are specifically designed to take care of all your precious and highly sensitive home appliances and their voltage needs which enables them to give high performance and better reliability. 3KVA voltage stabilizer home will make your fans move faster, lights grow brighter and everything else in between feels like new energy in the home with the power you deserve. home stabilizer 3KVA for mainline voltage stabilizer for home is automatic, 3 KVA stablizer vg 300 3kw of 90v aulten KVA.

Product details

  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 36 x 13 x 27 Centimeters.
  • Item Weight: 16.7 kg 
  • Manufacturer: Aulten
  • Country of Origin: India
  • One-year replacement guarantee.


Digital Display

Digital Display continuously displays input and output voltage giving you accurate voltage readings of your mainline stabilizer.

Stabilizes Power Supply

It maintains a safe output voltage range of 200V - 240V ± 5% making it universally ideal for all home appliances.

Ergonomic Design & Build

An ergonomic wall mounting sleek design for smooth installation and elegant look.

Technical Specifications

Working Range 90V - 300V
Output Voltage Range 200V-240V +/- 5% (190V Lowest & 252V Highest)
Low Voltage Cut Off 90V
High Voltage Cut Off 280V Cut Off (Recovery @ 300V)
Max. Output Current 12 Amps.
Initial Time Delay 5 to 10 seconds
Frequency 50 Hz. +/- 2 Hz.
Overload Protection via MCB (Stabilizer On/Off Mains)
By-Pass / Changeover via MCB (To be turned on 1 MCB at a time)
Operation Fully Automatic
Technology Relay Type
Display Type Digital (Multifunctional)
Display Parameters 'Lo' for Low voltage, 'Hi' for High Voltage
Voltage Display 'IP' for Input, 'OP' for Output
Idle Power Consumption Less than 10 watts*
Recommended MCB Use only 'C' Series MCB at your Distribution Box before connecting the stabilizer


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