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To strengthen its vision of building a digital ecosystem and serving customers better, Alton has embarked on a digital transformation journey with SAP. With SAP’s S/4HANA solution, Aulten is driving operations more efficiently and facilitating business continuity with growth, with customer success at its core.

Altane was looking for a robust solution to support its vast business landscape of products spanning 2 Manufacturing Plants, 5 Warehouses and UPS, Stabilizers, Healthcare, Wires & Cables, Solar etc. SAP’s S/4HANA reinforced this vision by bringing everyone together. Their manufacturing and business processes under one platform with seamless information sharing and exceptional user experience.


Allten implemented all core modules of S/4HANA from financial accounting, procurement, sales and distribution, production planning, quality management and plant maintenance. A total of 300 users across India are using this solution, witnessing

  • Increase the performance of sales processes
  • Seamless intercompany transactions
  • Real-time invoice posting and analysis
  • Better Master Data Management

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Best AC Voltage Stabilizers

Air Conditioners are costlier appliances in a country like India where more than 50% population is middle class.

Best Mainline Voltage Stabilizers

This is one of the most common problems faced by people. 

Which mainline stabilizer is best

Power fluctuation is a common problem in a developing country like India.


In our quest for excellence, your experiences inspire us to do better. While innovation is the new constant, your evolving needs challenge us to evolve. Hence, we bring to you – a range of thoughtful products that are centered not only on enriching your life; but, also on delivering joy to you and your family. At V-Guard, we aim to deliver smart solutions with a sole purpose – empowering you to bring home a better tomorrow.

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This is a list of answers to questions that people frequently ask about The Quotations Page. If you can’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us by email.

What is the output voltage range? Is it safe for appliances?

Aulten voltage stabilizers maintain an output voltage range of 200V – 240V (±5%) that is safe for appliances.

How to install and use the stabilizer?

The installation is so easy as the product has designed such that it can install easily. Any local electrician in your area can install the stabilizer. Kindly refer to the user guide delivered with the product.

What should I do in case of an issue with the product?

Kindly share the picture and videos of the product and display with support team. 

What is the warranty period of the product?

Our warranty period is 1- year that is free of cost.

How AC stabilizers are different from mainline stabilizers?

Ac stabilizers are specially designed for Air conditioners whereas mainline stabilizers are designed for mainline connection. Mainline stabilizers are suitable to protect all home appliances.

Client Testimonials for Product

I have started using it from 12/10/2020. So far everything alright. No overheating. Appearance pleasing to the eye. At present I am satisfied with the product.

17/10/20 : I have placed order for another unit today seeing the performance. I recommend purchasing this stabilizer for home use. AULTEN Stabilizer is highly recommended for AC


I had read various feedback about Aulton 4KVA and other Aulton models and ranges so I was little worried with some points.
The stabiliser is awesome. Full value for money. I am staying in Jammu where the electric fluctuation is massive. This has been working efficiently without noise for last 10hours since I Installed it. Step up is also good, there by it has increased the cooling of my AC.

Jaspal Reen

This stabilizer increased the cooling of my ac, as my electrician said the AC is now getting proper power hence better performance,
Digital meter works just fine to display the voltage, highly recommended and better priced that most other stabilizers. Awesome performance with Nice Digital Display. Product Quality is best in Class. Easy to Install and works efficiently. 


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