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Aulten Digital Private Limited is India’s ‘Most Preferred’ and ‘Most Awarded’ brands, to have launched an entire range of energy-efficient automatic voltage stabilizers.

To strengthen its vision of building a digital ecosystem and serving customers better.

Aulten has embarked on a digital transformation journey with SAP.

About Us

Aulten International, India’s ‘Most Preferred’ and ‘Most Awarded’ brand, has introduced a full line of energy-efficient automated voltage stabilizers. The company’s reputation has been founded on pure devotion and a never-ending effort to better understand its customers. Aulten continues to captivate the hearts of people across the country with strong quality control procedures, dependable products, brilliant people, and a responsible company attitude.

We are the manufacturer of India’s greatest products and services, and we offer a wide range of stabilizers. Stabilizers designed by Aulten are accessible for all appliances in your home to provide superior facilities with good output outcomes. In order to cover every nook and cranny of the country, Aulten has a broad network of distributors, direct dealers, merchants, and service centres.

As we move forward, brand Aulten will strive to remain relevant and aspirational in a world that is getting younger by the day. In order to enrich consumer lives, the objective is to comprehend human life and its relationship with the tools and appliances he uses, and to create a seamless experience of deliberately built items.

About Aulten Digital Private Limited

What is the problem that the startup is solving?

The power problem in India is not a new thing to worry about. With a population of 1.3 billion that’s how many people live in India. India also is one of the most populated countries in Asia. Due to its population, India has been plagued with power shortages for about a decade now, and the problem doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.
India’s power shortage problem is complicated by several factors: too many people with too little infrastructure, poverty, too much bureaucracy, corruption, etc. The biggest factor however seems to be what we call a “power generation famine”, where they’re just are not enough electric plants being built quickly enough to keep up with demand.

What are some of the main power supply problems India faces?

Another issue comes from the distribution which is common across third world countries as well as developed countries like the US and Europe. The power generated from the power plants doesn’t reach to house level and it’s an open secret that the power companies themselves sell this electricity collected in their transmission lines. 

Let’s have a check and tap into some of the major problems that India’s power supply management faces over day-to-day management. 

Lack of continuous power supply in India
The problem is that the electricity generated in India is not a continuous flow. It is broken down into segments. There is peak power and off-peak power, so how to synchronize it with the peak power demand will be a huge challenge. The electricity generated in the cities will be used during the peak hours and needs to be transported to other parts of the country. This makes the problem of adequate transmission capacity even more difficult.

2.Lack of energy storage
The biggest challenge that India faces is that it doesn’t have enough energy storage facilities to store the energy it generates at night and during off-peak hours. The problem is even worse because there are so many people in India who do not have access to electricity. 

3. Lack of renewable energy sources and green power generation
India is blessed with great potential to generate clean power and save the environment, but it still struggles with generating enough clean power. Till now, India’s biggest source of electricity has been thermal power plants fueled by coal while the government has been promoting renewable energy sources. The use of renewable energy in India is limited due to weak transmission infrastructure, region-specific shortages, and a lack of policy support.

 How does Aulten solve this issue?
Aulten is solving one of the major problems in India. To get proper power in every house in the country like India is one of the most forward and developing nations. The infrastructure in India is also growing at a wonderful pace. Our government has made it mandatory for electricity to be made available in the new rural areas where people don’t have enough energy resources to produce power. Aulten is solving one of the major problems in India. To get proper power in every house in the country like India is one of the most forward and developing nations. The infrastructure in India is also growing at a wonderful pace. Our government has made it mandatory for electricity to be made available in the new rural areas where people don’t have enough energy resources to produce power. 

With solving the power distribution and pattern and an inclination to help the management to come up with better solutions, Aulten is helping each and every Indian to work through this issue. 

How does your startup propose to solve this problem? 

One of the main problems that Aulten solves is giving access to voltage stabilizers and solar home UPS Solutions. In every household, especially in the rural section of India, getting a proper source of power is still an issue. Thus getting an optimum power resource to run all the possible home applications effectively can protect them significantly. It gives them access to power for households and those who have not received electricity by providing them solar, home UPS. 

How does voltage stabilizers work?
Voltage stabilizers provided by Aulten works on accessing these problems. Voltage stabilizers regulate the voltage on the power grid in order to achieve a highly efficient use of electricity and reduce waste.When there is a sudden surge of power from your main power source, voltage stabilizers will kick in to stabilize the spike in voltage. This will prevent damage to equipment and appliances connected to the main power source. Another advantage of using voltage stabilizers is that it prevents blackouts and other harmful effects that may occur if there is an unpredictable change in supply voltage.

Let’s check out the benefits of using them. 

  1. No large power fluctuations or voltage drops
  2. Save on the cost of production and transportation because stabilizers absorb voltage fluctuations
  3. Reduced wear and tear on generators, motors and other machinery
  4. Full utilization of existing power-generating equipment because voltage is stabilized to match customer needs more precisely.

Solar UPS provided by Aulten has the best power backup and power management for solving this prime issue in India. 

There are many advantages of going solar, here some few benefits:

  • Solar-powered systems have a low operating cost because they generate electricity at zero CO2 emissions.
  • If you need backup power when there is an outage, your battery pack will recharge automatically when power is restored
  • Put the battery pack in any location – car trunk, shed, basement. 

A solar powered system can be much more affordable when compared to traditional power backup systems. A variety of solutions exist to cater to residential and light commercial needs in different sizes and price points.
With a broad network of distributors from all around, Aulten makes sure power reaches each and every home in India. To create a seamless experience of deliberately built items, Aulten International takes care of all the power issues, thus working towards a greater purpose altogether. 

What is the uniqueness of your solution? 
Aulten’s uniqueness is its online D2C approach which enables it to reach a much wider audience who still don’t have access to these products in their small town Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets.

Here’s what we provide to our customers. 

  1. Providing door to door delivery for your energy solutions
    With a team of effective leaders, Aulten takes care of D2C management by providing door-to-door delivery for power solutions. 
  1. Expert on energy solutions
    There is no one that can beat the power of Aulten in the field of providing solutions for all types of energy solutions.
  1. 100% reliability and performance
    Aulten is a leading organization when it comes to the quality and integrity of their services. They ensure that their customers always get what they deserve when it comes to reliability and performance. Another leading feature is its open communication channels with its customers which encourages them to interact with each other through social media as well as the company’s website/blog/forum.
  1. A customer centric company
    Aulten is committed to providing high-quality energy solutions to its customers. Their services are specifically designed with the needs of their customers in mind. Knowledgeable and competent team members are trained and educated on current situations in order not to let the needs of their customers go out of sync with the current scenario.
  1. A large variety of energy solutions
    Aulten provides a holistic range of energy solutions that cover all types of customer requirements including, power backup, solar power, battery backup, wind power backup, home automation, and others.

Let’s’ get a look at our vision and missions:

  • Global and Pan India Reach
    We care about our solutions being provided to the wide-scale media and in every home present in India where people don’t have to suffer for lack of electricity.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    We make sure that in every country our solutions help solve the generation of electricity supply. We strive for customer satisfaction by prompt, reliable, competent, and professional services. Our customer-friendly approach has endeared us to millions of customers all over India who patronize us for Power Duct installations, repairs, and maintenance works. 

Reliability and Security
We in spite of being a young company are able to deliver accurate, reliable and secure products. Our guarantee is to help India become a place where people aims towards growth, being a developing nation. 

Cost-Effective Solutions
Through our team, we have found out many ways to offer energy solutions at very cost-effective prices. We are working hard to present this to the public through the media.
Aulten has been addressing the power problems faced by small-scale businesses in emerging markets for over a decade. We have solutions for almost any power problem you may be experiencing, from the unreliable power supply and outages to daily electricity cuts, which can become costly if not addressed promptly.
Our solutions work to ensure that your business remains operational during blackouts and other unforeseen outages. From theft prevention to business continuity services, we handle it all so that your operations run smoothly every day!

How does your startup generate revenue? 
The main cost of revenue comes from the selling of power equipment at affordable prices to customers. 

  • Aulten also distributes a diverse selection of power systems and equipment from other manufacturers.
  • Aulten’s staff includes engineers, technicians, mechanics and fabricators – each trained to meet the wide variety of needs that customers present in myriad industries.
  • In addition to our hospitality services, we also provide a location at which customers can test new equipment before making a purchase decision.

How Aulten is helping to change the economy for the better?
There are many people in India who cannot afford expensive power equipment but still want to save money on their electricity bill. They need cheaper and more affordable products to make use of them instead of overpriced ones that they can’t afford which leads to economic disparity within the country. The demand for cheaper products will in turn increase and create jobs and better income opportunities for its citizens, thereby making the entire country better off economically. 

People spend a large percentage of their income on electricity bills. To save money, many people are forced to use alternative energy sources such as diesel generators or coal-fired ovens. Considering the fact that coal and diesel generators are harmful to the environment, it should be discouraged. 
As per a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), India is ranked at 105th in terms of energy efficiency. One of the main reasons for this low ranking is the lack of affordable products for electricity saving. The affordability factor will play an important role in improving electricity consumption across India and will also improve India’s ranking in terms of energy efficiency. 

Thus Aulten helps to create a difference. 

Thus Aulten helps to create a difference. Our power equipment generally comes at a lower cost to keep the profit margin intact. We have a great reputation of serving our clients and giving them what they need.

We are also one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality generators in India.We provide complete services like installation, maintenance, repairing and service of the products we offer. We have got a huge market presence all over India. The major reason behind our success is that we are part of fair deals with our clients. 
Customer satisfaction for us is quite the deal. This gives us the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with our customers and not just to offer them the product. 
The whole range of products offered by us are manufactured and custom made according to the standard specifications required by our clients. We also provide after-sales service and technical support for all your requirements.

Aulten Digital company is the manufacture of India’s best products and service, it provides all the various varieties of stabilizers. The Aulten designed stabilizers are available for all the appliances in your home to give better facilities with good output results.

Rules of Engagement

Fair pricing: We don’t charge unfair or deceptive prices for our products.

Claims: Any medical, scientific or other claims must be true and supported by documented evidence. Products claiming to prevent, treat or cure COVID‑19 will be removed from website.

Compliance with laws: We comply with all applicable laws and other regulatory requirements relating to the sale of COVID‑19 related products, both in our jurisdiction and in the jurisdiction of our customers.

Appropriate licensing or permissions: We have all applicable licenses or permissions for the products we sell. This includes all applicable licenses, approvals, or authorizations for the sale of medical or health-related products.

Selling regulated products: Prior notice and/or approval by the company is required for the sale of regulated products on our platform. In some cases (for example, selling government-approved test kits), we may require that you provide information or documentation in order to verify that you have complied with these Rules of Engagement and sign an additional agreement.

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